Google Groups enables Store Leaders to manage their store’s three respective email groups (us00XXall, us00XXopticians, & us00XXmgmt) by adding and removing employees to/from email groups, or granting keyholders in your store access to manage your store’s email groups. Please read through this walkthrough and submit a support ticket to “WP Retail Technology” if there are any issues performing any of the detailed actions.

Roles & Permissions

  • Owner - Store Leaders Only

    • Send messages to the group

    • Add or remove group members

    • Change member roles—for example, from member to owner

    • Change any of the group's settings

    • Delete the group

  • Manager - Keyholders and above

    • A group manager can do everything an owner can do, except make another member an owner or delete the group. A group can have multiple managers.

  • Member - All other employees. Accessing Google Groups should not be frequent.

    • Subscribe to a group

    • View a group's discussion archives

    • View a group's members list

Accessing Your Groups

Managing Users in Your Groups

  • Select the email group you’d like to work with, then click the “Manage” button once the group’s messages populate in the main window.

  • Selecting a member of the group will allow you to access the “Actions” button. Hovering over the “Actions” button will present options for converting a person’s role, removing them from the group, etc. NOTE: These options may change depending on whether an employee is an Owner or Manager.

Adding Members to Your Groups

  • Click on “Direct add members” to directly add employees to the email group you’ve selected. These employees will be added as Members but can be converted to Managers using the “Actions” button detailed earlier.

Transferring Ownership of Google Groups

  • If you are a Store Leader who is transferring to a new store, please transfer ownership of your old store's email groups to the interim Store Leader, member of store management, or your District Leader by making them an owner of all 3 store email groups.