NOTE: You must be on the "Warby Parker" Wi-Fi network or connected to VPN to access RetailNext.

Launching RetailNext

  • From one of your G Suite application tabs (in Chrome: Gmail, Calendar, Drive, etc.), click on the G Suite App Grid widget in the top right corner. Then, click More at the bottom of the drop-down.

  • Next, locate "RetailNext" and click it to launch the app.

  • You'll be automatically logged in.
    • If you have multiple Google account windows open, you may be asked to select the appropriate Google account.  Click on your Warby Parker Google account option.

NOTE: If you do not see the RetailNext application in your G Suite App Grid, or are clicking it but are not being logged in, please submit a ticket with WP Retail Technology (Accounts > Additional Access / Permissions > RetailNext).

Requesting Permissions in RetailNext:

Once you have successfully logged into RetailNext for the first time, your account will be created but you'll only see a blank dashboard.

To request appropriate access, please submit a support ticket with WP Retail Technology (Accounts > Additional Access / Permissions > RetailNext) requesting access to your store's Loss Prevention cameras.

Once access is granted, be sure to log out and log back in, then click the Video tab, and toggle the drop-downs in the Organization tree to reveal your store.

NOTE: If you're a Store Leader or member of store management, you will only have access to your store's cameras.